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Who are we?

UtopiaAgency is a Shopify focused agency that provides unique experiences. We specialize in building custom store front and back end applications to improve all areas of your current store.

Experienced team

Here we don't just rely on research and studies but must also have experience running a store and or real life experience in each respected field.

Who do we work with?

We've helped small mom and pop stores, large corporations, multi-million dollar brands, among other types of companies grow their business on the web by providing the tools needed to make it happen. Our expertise ranges from strategic planning, marketing, design, development, all the way to customer service & fulfillment.

Professional service by your side

You'll get out of this relationship what you put into it! While we try to offer the best service to everyone we can only accept a limited amount at any given time. Tell us about your project and if we love it you'll have a partner by your side!

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